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Custodian is a platform built by people who love their cars but wanted an easier way to look after them!

We aim to make ownership easy!

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Custodian Specialist Car Insurance#126
Get specialist car insurance through the Custodian as well as make short term adjustments etc etc
In Progress
We make digital applications for specialist car insurance easier because of the below: Custodian users: - Using the information in their Custodian Cars. - Allowing the re-use of previously submitted insurance information when doing things like mid term adjustments or renewals to save time resubmitting. - There are FCA regulated limits to what else I can say here to a customer otherwise it could be construed as 'marketing' but suffice to say our Insurance is very competitve and we can insure some groups other will not due to the platform usage. - We have a panel of Underwriters to accont for a broader scope of vehicle and owner profiles which you can still manage all inside of one place. Underwriters: - Qualified risk. - An extra distribution channel. - Higher quality proof of custodianship of vehicles.
2023 Q4