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Custodian Specialist Car Insurance#126

Get specialist car insurance through the Custodian as well as make short term adjustments etc etc

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
a year ago

Interested to learn more about the insurance arm of this app.
In my previous role, I was project manager for converting our back office insurance system to a customer facing online transactional system.

7 months ago

Thats cool G9osg ,

What would you like to know specifically?

We have some information on our website here in case you haven’t seen that.

Essentially though, we make digital applications for specialist car insurance easier because of the below:

Custodian users:

  • Using the information in their Custodian cars to save time submitting information required.
  • Allowing the re-use of previously submitted insurance information when doing things like mid term adjustments or renewals to save time resubmitting (some of this is still coming).
  • There are FCA regulated limits to what else I can say here to a customer otherwise it could be construed as ‘marketing’ but suffice to say our Insurance is very competitve and we can insure some groups other will not due to the platform usage.
  • We have a panel of Underwriters to accont for a broader scope of vehicle and owner profiles which you can still manage all inside of one place.


  • Qualified risk.
  • An extra distribution channel.
  • Higher quality proof of custodianship of vehicles.

If you have any more specific questions v.happy to answer anything I can here :)

7 months ago

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for coming back to me, following through the link, the system seems very intuitive.
I’ll complete my vehicle details and see what the underwriters might have for me.

7 months ago