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Custodian is a platform built by people who love their cars but wanted an easier way to look after them!

We aim to make ownership easy!

Let us know how we can improve. Vote on existing ideas or suggest new ones!

Ability to add custom colours#27
Ability to add custom colours for exterior or interior colours
Add support to store a custom colour for interior or exterior for cars. Fun idea would be if we can also have a colour swatch here so people can pick an approximate colour too if we ever wanted to use car colours in the UI somewhere.
2022 Q1
MOT support for cars which are too old and too new#22
If the car is under 3 years old, the MOT due date should be set at 3 years old
Cars under 3 years don't need an MOT so we should set the appropriate date automatically if we can. Cars which are exempt from MOT's should be able to be marked as exempt.
2022 Q1