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Valuation tool#115


a valuation tool to keep track of the value of your digital garage and the changes over time. like the Hagerty valuation tool, but where you can also add your purchase price, service bills ,etc. so you know at any given time what a car owes you. or when you come to sell you can enter the salesprice and track your profits or loss.

a year ago

@Julo.verbrugghe A look up valudation tool (like Hagerties - but nicer… I hope) is coming. We have something like this internally already for our upcoming insurance product for agreed values etc. We will (as always) make it available to our users as soon as we can as well.

Regarding the other requests comparing cost of ownership etc… I think stuff like that will probably fall into our #41 task alongside all the Cost of ownership work we’re looking into.

a year ago
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a year ago