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Car & Garage Dashboard#41

A full dashboard for your garage and your individual cars.

Support Includes:

  • Financial breakdown based on History File Entries.
  • Statistics about car usage.
2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago
Changed the title from "Car Dashboard" to "Car & Garage Dashboard"
2 years ago

Could perhaps merge trip tracking into this?

2 years ago
Merged Spending total#61
a year ago

Yeah definitely would like a way to summarise spending. Also being able to use the filters to know total spend on restoration vs service vs admin etc. would be great.

10 months ago

MOT status is key for me, RAG status as mentioned above would be perfect. 2 cars have lapsed as my google celendar reminders disappeared! This feature is what led me to look at this app in the first place (after seeing it on Seen Through Glass)

10 months ago
Merged Running cost total against history categories#129
3 months ago