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Custodian is a platform built by people who love their cars but wanted an easier way to look after them!

We aim to make ownership easy!

Let us know how we can improve. Vote on existing ideas or suggest new ones!

Add more flexible authentication system#128
It helps keeping accounts secure
Add more authentication mechanisms. Currently Custodian supports a secure login system based around short term access tokens and longer term refresh tokens. However it is currently limited to email and password authentication. We'd like to add support for: 1. Social Auth 2. TOTP 2FA Support for Password Managers We do not plan to add support for SMS based auth as it is actually pretty insecure in comparison to TOTP support via password manager.
Make the iOS App Available in other Geographies#121
Hi Is it possible to make the app vaiable world wide? brgds Pascal
The current Custodian iOS app, which is integrated with UK's DVLA and DVSA, allows UK-based users to quickly populate their car information. However, we understand that many of our users are located outside the UK and are eager to have the same functionality. While our initial decision to limit the app's availability was made to prevent any disappointment from users expecting automatic car information population, we've heard your feedback. We're currently discussing plans to expand the app's reach to other countries. To help us make informed decisions about where to launch next, we'd appreciate your input. Please use this issue to: Indicate the country where you'd like us to make the Custodian iOS app available. If possible, provide information about any government APIs or services in your country that allow for the retrieval of car data using registration or local identification numbers. We will regularly update this issue with the list of countries under consideration, using your inputs to guide our international rollout strategy. Your participation in this request will help us better understand demand and prioritize accordingly. We're excited to bring the convenience of the Custodian app to more users around the world.