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Ability to change how history file is displayed#95


While I think it looks great currently, I do think it would be great to be able to toggle between the timeline view but also a list view. This would allow users who have many entries to find history records more quickly.

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Discussion
a year ago

Hi @Harry (thank you for all the feedback!)

I can see the need for a more condesed view of the car’s history file, perhaps actually inspired a bit more by the mobile view, but on desktop.

I’ll pass this along to Nina (our design wizard) for team discussion.

Something I will let you know is that we are planning on upgrading the search and filter system for tasks soon-ish. Currently the plan is to support full text and contents search for everything in the history file,.

Fingers crossed!

a year ago

I’ll upvote this simply becuase I think soemtimes a more condensed, paginated style is sometimes needed in certain situations, as much as the history does look good on a large display.

a year ago