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Support for racecar technical information#90

Something for any racecars on the site, the ability to input information about seats, harnesses, fire suppression systems that are lifed and could be tracked in a similar way to MOT/Taxing cars.

4 months ago
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Hi @James King !

Yes we definitely need to add this in. We will do our own research but if you happen to have them to hand could you make a list of Racecar specific technical information you’d expect to be able to add?

Your examples above are a good start but it’d be awesome if you had a complete list / ideas on what type of information you’d want to store in each.

If you give us a list we can immediately start on design work.


2 months ago

Hi Jeremy,

I’ve reached out to a few more experienced racers to see what they would advise, but as it stands I currently have the following as parts that would be good to track:

  • Seats - Manufacturer, Model , Homologation, Not Valid After.
  • Harnesses - Manufacturer, Model, Type (4/6 point etc.), Homologation, Not Valid After.
    -Fire Suppression - Manufacturer, Model, Date of fitting, Date of service.
  • Brake Discs & Pads - Manufacturer, Model, Date of fitting (Could be tied together perhaps? A teammate changes discs every 3 pad changes)
  • Fuel Cells - Manufacturer, Model, Date of Manufacture (5 year life for FIA certification)
  • Fluids (Oil, Coolant etc.) - Manufacturer, Type, Grade, Date changed.
  • Bowden Cables (For isolator/extinguisher pulls) - Date of fitting.
  • Tyres - Manufacturer, Model, Date of fitting, Mileage

Timing belts, water pumps and those sorts of things that would be on a car’s service intervals as well if that’s not already something being considered?

There are tools out there already that do this sort of thing but they seem to be quite specialised, it could be possible to go into as much detail as they do but at the same time it’s a LOT of information to be gathering, this National Motorsport Academy post does talk about it as something a bit more snazzy than an Excel spreadsheet even offering a handful of examples!

2 months ago