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Main Gallery Photo#74


This seems to distort all the photos I load up to be main Gallery photo, so are not clear - is there a way to manually manage the picture.
All the photo’s nor,mally are fine to view and are not distorted in any way !!!
Not sure what to suggest - Thanks

2 years ago
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In Discussion
2 years ago

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for all the feedback across the platform!

Couple of questions so I can help:

  1. When you say ‘manage the picture’ what do you mean? Do you mean to edit / crop etc?
  2. You say the image is distorted. If possible could you please give me an example screenshot of the issue so that I can understand better? I’m finding it hard to reproduce what the issue is.
2 years ago

Thanks for the reply - By “Manage” I do me crop or ajdust the size in the box frame you provide for the picture.
If you look at my account Marcus Crisp and click on the Mercedes you will see the main picture is not clear at all. If you then scroll through the photo’s I have uploaded then you will see the same picture in perfect clariry.

2 years ago