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Add Editing Support to Direct Shares#69


It would be incredible for users to share their garage profile with an administrator who can upload service records, history etc. We have several collectors that use a single admin for manage our vehicles and I would like to provide her with a login to go and input records for each of our cars.

2 years ago
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2 years ago

Hi @Geoffrey ,

We completely agree! This feature is generally called multi-tenancy, and we are definitely building that functionality. We’ve had requests for it, specifically from larger storage companies who want to manage their client’s cars for them, and from individuals such as yourself.

I can’t promise an exact timeline for this yet and I’d probably just suggest sharing your login for now… however we are releasing Direct Sharing today.

Direct Sharing will let you share all the information with another user, including the vehicle history, invoices etc, with very granular permissions on what a user can an cannot do.

If you direct share a car directly with another user, they will be able to see the shared with car in their own Custodian application.

The issue is our first version doesn’t support editing a share, only viewing… Once we add editing support for that though I believe this will give you exactly the functionality you want i.e.

Your car admin will make a Custodian account. Each of you can share you cars with them. The cars will then all be avaialble for your car admin to input the records on your behalf in their own Custodian garage. When they update those cars, it will update your car in your garage as well (it’s the same car).

I’m going to rename this suggestion/feature request to Add editing support to Direct Shares to keep track of it and allow others to see what direction we are going in.

If I’ve misunderstood, please let me know!


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Changed the title from "Administrator Profile" to "Add Editing Support to Direct Shares"
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