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Car Parts Management Tooling#63


A whole parts feature to track spare and new parts in a “bucket/bin” system for each vehicle.

Each car having a parts section just like the history file section and an independent parts section containing all parts for all vehicles.

Add cost of the part
Location of the part (e.g Bucket Number)
Photograph/image of the part
Description of the part

The ability to also keep parts section private or shared for any future showroom or visual showcase feature.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
In Discussion
2 years ago

@Admin this is a cool feature request. I’m not sure we can put it in the roadmap right now but I definitely like it!

It also leaves opportunity open for potentially allowing people to find and order replacement parts for ones they already have.


2 years ago
Changed the title from "Parts Management" to "Car Parts Management Tooling"
2 years ago

I could not agree more, even just leaving an option field for “known or suggested part number” will allow for much easier future integration with parts suppliers databases to find/order… service parts in particular can be found quite easy with motorfactor sites such as autodoc.

The hardest part of managing a garage with multiple cars is the organising of parts, especially the rarer ones which need storing. A digital diary to tuck them into boxes out of sight but knowing years later which one and where would be useful.

2 years ago

This would work fantastic in my current situation, I’m involved in looking after 3 identical racecars, however the spares aren’t “allocated” to a specific car, they are there for whichever car needs them as and when. Having some way of adding a parts pool would be very useful, but just something to assign parts to a car in the first place would also be great, and would make pre/post event preparation and servicing much easier.

a year ago