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Car Exterior and Interior Colour Name Enhancement#62


The ability to add actual colour names to both interior and exterior colours.

The abililt to add multiple or dual colours for interior.

a year ago

@M - I agree this would be useful. We need to think about a clever way to do this though for a couple of reasons.

1.) Allowing people to search by broad and non unique color names is important for upcoming features we are looking to add (like The Showroom and On Display).

2.) Making sure we don’t end up with thousands of duplicate colours. I’m not sure if there is a reference of every unique paint / colorway anywhere so we’d likely need to let users enter their own.

Both are doable.

For 1.) I was thinking maybe we could have a user pick a high level colour, like Red and then add a colour name, which could be the unique make and model specific paint colour. That way people can search for Red and see all the nice unique and fancy paint names.

2.). We either find and maintain a list of official colours. If you know of one that’d be very helpful. Or we need to do a system similar to how we manage the car makes and models with a user submitted system which we then need to approve for broader use.

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Discussion
a year ago
Changed the title from "Exterior Colour Names - Interior Colours Multiple & Names" to "Car Exterior and Interior Colour Name Enhancement"
a year ago

I see how certain auto marketplace sites populate the colour without the fancy names as you have suggested making it very searchable and these are not user submitted. is a good example where they use the primary field as we have already for the colour and a sub field which states the manufacturer. colour name which is user submitted.

I suppose a concern would be the vast amount of colour names and not wanting too many sub fields e.g colour name, colour code etc so it would probably be best for it to be universal with the option of writing the manufacturer colour name/colour code/paint number… as different marques and models are famous sometimes for having that unique code rather than the name e.g Porsche 911 come to mind.

The same for interior, whereby a primary option for colour and maybe sub option being a user submitted colour name or even description e.g Leather or Alcantara.

a year ago