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Import data from other apps and tools#44

I’ve got a lot of data for over seven years of ownership of one vehicle in aCar (Fuelly); it would be great to be able to import this.

a year ago
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a year ago

I used to use “Excel” then moved to “My Car Log”, as this had an “Import” function.
Without an “Import” function in your App’ it isn’t feasible to manually enter all the data.
If you also implement an “Export” (to .CSV?) function, this can also be used to create the Template / Headers to “Import” with.
I’m an ex system engineer / App’ developer and I’m more than happy to do any Beta testing if you want any user feedback prior to launch.

a year ago

Hi Paul.bagshaw34 Thank you so much for filling in some info here.

Yes CSV import would be the default type of import we’d like to support at a baseline. As I’m sure you know they don’t support nested information very nicely though so in future we’d like to support something more advanced / direct integrations with other platform / export formats for each one.

Just to keep you up to date on where we are currently at with it is either using or finding some sort of similar functionality to that which ‘FlatFile’ offers.

Flatfile platform
Flatfile customer example

V.kind of you to say you’ll help us beta test! I’ll add you to our list of users who have volunteered to do so. In future we will release features to people like yourself a little earlier than others once we have full ‘feature flag’ functionlity implemented.

a year ago

Hi Jeremy,
Has there been any progress with the data import routine?

a year ago

Hi Paul unfortunately nothing thats visible to users! I need to update this.

We’re definitely going to do it we just haven’t been able to set aside the time yet!

We’ve been growing pretty quickly and have been prioritising other features but completely understand that this is important.

We’re hiring agressively at the moment to be able to continue working towards features like this and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

With our Marketplace (The Showroom) launching before Christmas alongside our Native applications this will likely become quite important given dealers will want to be able to upload car history quickly.

I’ll be sure to keep this up to date going forward. Really sorry if this is blocking you!


a year ago

Thanks for the update.

a year ago
Merged History Import#116
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