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Different expense currency than main car currency#136

The ability to specify the currency of a specific expense (service, insurance, transport, …) than the “main” currency of a car.
Say you purchase a car in GBP, then import it into the EU and pay for other expenses in EUR. Then later on move to Switzerland and now you have expenses in CHF. It’s a bit of an extreme example, but it would be great if this could be accomodated.

As a cherry on the cake: Make foreign-exchange calculations back to the original currency of the car, while taking into account the exchange rate of the day of the expense.

a month ago
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In Discussion
a month ago

Hi @Florian.gerlich , unless I’m misunderstanding you we already support this for a few currencies. See screenshots of me adding a cost to a service history file entry.

Please see image below of several costs in different currencies being added to the same history file entry as well as the calculated total based on your preferred currency which is adjustable in your account preferences.

Is this what you mean?

One improvement we do need to make is it always does the currency conversions based on the exchange rate within the last 2 hours rather than on the date of the history file entry. We can look to update this in the future if you like? We also should probably add some more currencies :)

a month ago

Hello, it’s indeed already supported, sorry I opened this up. All good.

a month ago