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Garages and Dealers need to upload the files#123

This platform won’t work unless garages upload on the customer’s behalf, just like MOT history.

The original farmer owner of his new 1983 Defender didn’t know it was going to become a loved classic, so he would never bother creating an account to track the history of his car.

The wealthy original owner of a 1968 Mercedes SL Pagoda didn’t plan to keep it for more than 3 years so he didn’t want to create an account.

You need to find a way to incentivise garages to upload to the platform so it can become a central database of car history. Perhaps by having recommended/approved garages for certain car models and in return for the extra awareness raised they use the platform.

10 months ago
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9 months ago

Hi @Alexander Jobling , I agree that getting garages and/or manufacturers engaged will definitely help with preservation of automotive history.

We are working with dealers and garages to upload car details as part of the process when they sell the vehicles. You can see some of that coming to fruition by looking at the Showroom.

For example: Vehicles sold through The Showroom can have their history handed over to the purchaser by the selling dealer.

We know it’s just the start, but one has to start somewhere! :)

5 months ago