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Car Club Support#103

Allowing all members of the group to see each others cars, share events etc as opposed to everyone being able to see everything.

a year ago

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for the suggestion!

So we have a couple of things here.

  • Being able to create Car clubs which groups people and their cars together.
  • Being able to share your cars with a specific group of people.

Car club support is a confirmed feature we want to support and we can use this suggestion to track it’s progress. 👍

Regarding sharing your car with them requires some discussion on what options we have. We currently have a couple of ways to share your car:

  • Sharing via direct share privately through the platform to either individuals or groups of people.
  • Sharing via ‘public link’ which puts less private information available at a unique URL to share with non Custodian users.

A third way of sharing your car with the community will be launching after the Marketplace and Insurance product this summer called On Display #30 . It’s purpose is about sharing your car with the broader community, the idea is to make it feel like you’re taking your car to a show which all Custodians can then browse through.

Regarding adding support for sharing car data to a car club specifically, we could be add that capability to one or both of the Direct share and On Display features after we’ve added support for Car clubs in general. I notice your specific request to share specific types of history file entries too. That looks like an upgrade we can add to sharing in general too :)


a year ago
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a year ago