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Add History File Entries to multiple cars at once#100


I have an insurance policy for all vehicles. Rather than add the policy to each, have one that covers all?

a year ago

Hi Ady,

This is interesting, as technically we need to create a copy of the insurance policy for each vehicle so should you pass the car on to one of your family and/or sell it. We need to be able to send the insurance policy / documentation with the car should you choose to do so.

Would being able to create the entry and then apply it to all the cars at the same time solve the issue? It’d let you add it to all cars at once but then each has their own seperate entry if you wanted to edit them?

Would that work for you?

It’s an interesting one as currently all entries in the history file need to associated with a single car so that cars can move between people should people want to pass them around.


a year ago
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a year ago

Hi Jeremy

Yes, that would work. maybe also have the option, in the case of multi-car insurance, to aportion the total of the invoice to each vehicle? One policy, split across 3 cars, each one with a different value to = the invoice total?

a year ago